multiplying onions

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Quote from: jcpyro on January 22, 2012, 04:02:13 PM


There are 3 types of multiplyer onions that I have found.  All can reproduce without seeds.

Potato Onions (White & Yellow) - Plant 1 bulb in the fall and harvest from 6 to 12 new bulbs the following August.
Walking Onions - A green onion type that reproduce using "Top Sets" that will bend the stalk over and re-plant themselves (Walking across the garden).
Welsh Onions - These are the green onions you buy in the store.  If left in the garden, they will sprout new stalks beside the original.


Thanks Jc---never heard of this before. There's so much to know about gardening/veggies, I feel like such a novice!


For anyone looking, still has potato & walking onions listed.  Sight has been under construction for over a year and I've never ordered from them, so buyer be ware.



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