FREE "Mortgage Lifter" Tomato Seeds
These tomatoes can weigh up to 4 lbs. and average 2 1/2 lbs.

FREE Seeds:
The Queen and I decided to give away seeds to encourage people to start growing their own food. We paired with the free seed exchange to help get the word out. We chose the "Mortgage Lifter Tomato" as the first seed to offer free. We chose this tomato, because it is a huge tomato that averages 2 1/2 pounds, but can reach sizes more than 4 pounds if well cared for. These tomatoes are very flavorful, but not too acidic. One slice is all you need for a big hamburger.

History of the Mortgage Lifter Tomato:
Back in the early 1930's H.C. Byles decided to make his own breed of BIG tomato. Byles never attended school, because his mother made him start working in the cotton fields at the age of four. That was where he first got a taste of working with plants. He used four different varieties of tomatoes of the largest he could find back then. He took the German Johnson tomato, Beefsteak tomato, an unknown Italian tomato, and an unknown English tomato. He planted three Beefsteak tomatoes, three Italian and three of the English tomatoes in a circle. He then planted the German Johnson in the middle of the circle. Byles used a syringe for cleaning a baby's ears to suck the pollen from the blooms of the nine tomato plants around German Johnson. He then blew the pollen into the German Johnson blooms. He planted the seeds from the largest tomatoes produced and over seven years he stabilized the variety. It took him seven years to stabilize the Mortgage Lifter tomato.

He sold the tomato plants for $1.00 each and took that money to pay on his mortgage. He payed off his $6,000 mortgage in six years. That is why he registered his new tomato breed as the "Mortgage Lifter" tomato. Back in 1933 $1.00 was the equivalent of $17.53 today and $6,000 the equivalent of $105,160.

We are anticipating a huge response to this offer, so we are planning to hire help to count out the seeds, add them to small plastic zip lock bags, put them in an envelop with planting and growing instructions, then address the envelop and put a stamp on it and mail. We hope you can help us distribute these seeds and cover the cost of labor, packaging and postage. $3.99 should cover everything and if it is a success, we will start giving away different vegetables, herbs and flower seeds.

Live wise today, Live well tomorrow,

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