A look at the new UEFA system Champions League! Added 36 teams, no group stage. Start using next season

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A look at the new UEFA system Champions League! Added 36 teams, no group stage. Start using next season

The European Football Federation (UEFA) has revealed the format of the new European football league competitions. Including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League. that will be officially launched in the next season 2024/25

A look at the new UEFA system Champions League! Added 36 teams, no group stage. Start using next season

By next season’s European Cup football Every event will increase the number of participating teams from 32 to 36. There will no longer be a group stage like at present. All 36 teams will all be placed in the same table.

As for the competition, there will be a lottery drawn between the competitors who must meet each other. Every team will play 8 first round matches with every team. Divided into 4 home games, 4 away games, without encountering the same team throughout the 8 games, except for UEFA. Conference League There will be only 6 games in the first round.

As for the matchup, all 36 teams will be divided into 4 pots, 9 teams per pot, arranged according to the average performance score of each club. Except for the UEFA championship Champions League Only one team will be guaranteed to be in Pot 1. Every team will then be drawn against two opponents from each pot, where each pot will face one home team. And another team went out to visit.

As for calculating scores, the same rules will still apply. A win gets 3 points, a draw gets 1 point, and a loss gets no points. At the end of all competitions, teams will be arranged for the next round according to the score table.

1-8 will advance to the round of 16, while 9-16 will be pitted against 17-24 in a home-away playoff, with 9-16 being the home team for the second game. And the lottery will be measured by ranking, for example, 9 will meet 24, 10 will meet 23, down to 16 and 17. The winning team will advance to the round of 16. While the losing team will have to play in the next cup. While Places 25-36 are eliminated without playing in the next cup.

From there, in the final 16 teams onwards. There will be no more draws for pairings like before. by pairing. It will be based on the ranking achieved in the first league with 36 teams. Let’s draw and divide the sides clearly, with the teams finishing 1 and 2 will be placed in different groups. (Which is called the top-bottom line or left-right line) including 3 and 4 will be placed separately. Meaning that teams 1-4 will have a chance to meet each other. It has to be the semi-finals only.

and from this system This will allow you to see the competitors from the round of 16 that will go all the way to the finals.

UEFA clarified that this system will provide more opportunities to meet other teams and give the top teams the opportunity to meet sooner and more often (for example, a team in Pot 1 is equal to having to meet at least one team in Pot 1 together. 2 matches out of 8 matches) Meanwhile, the new system will create balance in the competition. Because each team will have to face opponents at a similar level. and the competition will become more intense Because every match is considered meaningful in the 1-36 ranking, which will measure entering the next round.

As for the competition day Still the same: UEFA Champions League. Kicks on Tuesday-Wednesday, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League compete on Thursday, but there will be an additional thing that every program will have an Exclusive Week in which only the program itself competes, such as the Exclusive Week of Champions. League There will be only the Champions League on 3 Tuesdays-Thursdays or the Exclusive Week of the Europa League which will be played on Wednesdays-Thursday and the Exclusive Week of the Conference League. It will kick off on Thursday only.

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