Ancelotti was pleased with the results of the last match.

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Real Madrid’s Italian manager Carlo Ancelotti was pleased with the results of the last game. Despite missing out on the first leg and insists Real Madrid are ready for a full return.

Real Madrid have to face difficult tasks in the UEFA Champions League because they will have to visit Paris Saint-Germain. They are known as the favorites of the UEFA Champions League. As well as Paris Saint-Germain’s attacking game. Man is also very dangerous, which Real Madrid emphasizes fully because opening the game to exchange for Paris Saint-Germain is not good, and Paris Saint-Germain is full so that Real Madrid do not have a chance Score a goal for the visiting team at UFABET.

And throughout the 90 minutes, it was Paris Saint-Germain, who continued to attack and had chances to score goals many times, but in the end, it was not sharp enough to get a penalty. It was Lionel Messi who Unfortunately, Real Madrid were on the verge of a draw before missing Kylian Mbappe’s late goal but Carlo Ancelotti did. Very satisfied with the results of the last match and ready to come back full again in the next match.

We defended very well. But we also had problems creating chances. Because we rarely had chances to score goals against Paris Saint-Germain. Especially in the central midfield that was under heavy pressure. Paris Saint-Germain deserved a win in the last game. But personally I’m satisfied with the performance of the team that copes well with Paris Saint-Germain, but in the next match it will not happen like this. Definitely again.”