Baccarat Fibonacci Formula Baccara Fibonacci System Playing Baccarat Using Mathematical Rules

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As I said before, there are several betting systems that can be easily applied to Baccarat. From the previously mentioned baccarat martingale system. This time I will talk about Baccarat Fibonacci Formula Because it’s not just the Martingale system that’s easy to use.

And the reason why the betting system is important in playing baccarat is because All players are required to set their desired winning stake. Makes players know exactly how much money they want to win. And bets will be set when playing loses. Make it possible to control the amount of money played.

Players will concentrate and strictly follow the system as to when and how much to bet. Causing the players to become unconscious until the bet runs out of lap

But it must be remembered that even using the betting system cannot change the house edge which is approximately 1.06%, but using the betting system allows the player to play with the system as mentioned above.

play strategy Baccarat Fibonacci Formula

The Fibonacci system is popular among roulette players. This can be used in all betting games with two choice bets compared to the Martingale system. The Fibonacci system is a less costly bet than the Martingale system and a more controllable increase in the stake.

All Fibonacci strategies are numerical sequences known as Fibonacci sequences. The sequence is 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 and so on as needed. in which the numbers occur Caused by the addition of the previous two numbers 1+1=2, 2+1=3 and so on.

How does the Fibonacci Baccarat Formula work?

When using the Fibonacci Baccarat formula to play Baccarat The number refers to the number of units bet, therefore the player must start with 1 unit bet. The number of units refers to the amount wagered that the player must determine before playing how many baht equals 1 unit. In which the best way should be 1 unit of money, not more than 1% of the amount of money that is used to gamble

when playing

When starting to bet at 1 unit, if playing loses, the next player must play in numerical order, that is. Bet with 1 unit again. and if playing again then bet 2 units and so on in the given sequence of numbers i.e. 3, 5, 8, … until you win.

when playing

If the player is able to play from the first turn to bet Let’s start over again, that is. bet with money That’s 1 unit.

But if the player bets on numerical order until they win, then Player then decreases the number of betting units by 2 sequences.

Example bets

Bet 1 unit and lose – Bet with the next unit bet, i.e. 1 unit.

  1. Bet 1 unit and lose – Bet with a stake of 2 units.

2. Bet 2 units and lose – Bet with a stake of 3 units.

3.Bet 3 units and lose – Bet with a stake of 5 units.

4. Bet 5 units and win – Go back and bet with the previous 2 units i.e. 2 units.

Bet 2 units and win again – system will finish immediately. Restart the system again.

according to the set of numbers in the example bet It can be seen that the bet 6 times. Lost 4 times won 2 times. The total number of lost units is 7 units (1+1+2+3). Tribute to the number that can be played 2 times is 7 units (5+2), which saw that it was the same peak

The advantages and disadvantages of Baccarat Fibonacci Formula


That being said, using a betting system will make the player focus on playing according to the system and keep them from freaking out. And not as upset as most gamblers are.

Fibonacci is a straight line betting system. And when this system is a bet to get the lost money back. It is a system that is easier to control compared to the Martingale system.


Even playing well with the betting system But it must always be remembered that the dealer will always have a greater chance of winning. Therefore, this system should be played for a short period of time. and more suitable for playing in the casino

Cons of Baccarat Fibonacci Formula

The reason why sometimes it doesn’t work as well as other betting systems is that no matter what system you use. The bet can not be increased or decreased, it cannot change the house edge. Players are always at a disadvantage in playing baccarat. Unless you cheat Try asking yourself if you always gamble and win. Will the casino let me play? The answer is definitely not.

I just want to let you know that If you like to play baccarat Playing with the system can also be profitable. But don’t ask me what to do Because everyone reads from the content of the articles written here. If you still don’t understand Go back up and read it again!

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