Bernardo Silva delighted with scoring in his home country

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Manchester City’s Portuguese midfielder Bernardo Silva is delighted to be able to score in his home country. They play a key role in Manchester City’s demolition of Sporting Lisbon.

Even if Sporting Lisbon is only the underdog team of the UEFA Champions League. Pep Guardiola is not careless and fully sends the main players to the field in its entirety. Especially Bernardo Silva Having been with Benfica before has made facing former opponents very important. Bernardo Silva looks like he’s done an excellent job with two goals and almost a hat-trick. As well, but was denied by VAR 1 goal in the second half

Manchester City quickly led Riyad Mahrez before Bernardo Silva led Manchester City 2-0, followed by Phil Foden and Berna. Do Silva was able to score another goal before the end of the first half. Continuing until the second half was Raheem Sterling who scored 1 more goals, giving Manchester City the chance to qualify for the next round very high.

The performance in the last UFABET game was excellent. In the first half we were leading 4-0 but we gave Sporting Lisbon some counter-attacks which weren’t very good. It was good that in the second half we played more and more tightly and one more goal allowed us to beat Sporting Lisbon 5-0. It was a great result and for me personally. Very pleased to score goals in my home country successfully.