Drogba confident Lukaku will return to good form

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Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is confident Romelu Lukaku will restore his form after scoring in the competition. World Club Football Championship Success and help Chelsea to win the championship as well.

With great results with Inter Milan. Chelsea decided to pay up to 98 million pounds to bring Romelu Lukaku to the team with the expectation. Romelu Lukaku will raise the level of attacking. Chelsea have come up a lot and at the beginning of the move. It seems to be doing quite satisfactory results. But after that, Romelu Lukaku’s personal performance has started to deteriorate. It has not been able to score goals continuously. It came across the negative news from the interview that he wanted to part ways with Chelsea at UFABET.

Before Thomas Tuchel called Romelu Lukaku to adjust his understanding and Romelu Lukaku was able to return to the field as a key player for Chelsea again. Although the performance on the field may be will not be satisfactory until the battle. It was Romelu Lukaku who helped Chelsea take the lead first. But unfortunately missed the goal to equalize so quickly that it had to drag on until extra time, but it was Chelsea who narrowly defeated Palmyrus

And Didier Drogba praised Romelu Lukaku for doing a very good job in the latest match and is confident that Romelu Lukaku will definitely return to good form. The former Chelsea striker said in an interview: “Romelu Lukaku should have learned a lot from me, although he is a good scorer but sometimes he goes through difficult times and That Chelsea winning the title should have helped Romelu Lukaku’s confidence grow a lot.”