How to count card points in baccarat game

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Today will present how to count card points in baccarat game. How do you count? This article is an educational article for those interested in the game of Baccarat at the beginner level. For playing Sa gaming and Sexy Baccarat.

Example of how to count card points in baccarat game

If the first 2 cards are revealed. The Jack Mam King is considered to be 0 points (2 0 cards equal 0 points). The third card will be dealt according to the rules by default.

Each score count Counting from the total of the card points. If more than 9 points are subtracted by 10. Therefore no card value on either side exceeds 9 and thus the game proceeds according to the rules.

Therefore, if the player’s hand’s card points are 7 and 9. The total score will be 16. If 10 is removed the hand will be equal to 6 points.

hand sample

Here’s an example to make it easier to understand. Understanding the basic concepts of the game of Baccarat will allow players to become more fluent in that it doesn’t take long to understand the principles of counting the cards in their hand at ยูฟ่าเบท .

How to count card points in baccarat game

How to count card points in baccarat game example 1

How to count card points in baccarat game

This set of cards seems to look good, but they actually only get 1 point.

The first example is an H and a King.

This card is in Blackjack. It is considered a win. (And it’s the starting card that has an advantage in poker), but for Baccarat it only returns 1 point.

The H card has 1 point and the King card has 0 point, so it is 1 point.

According to the rules of the game. If this card is dealt to the player’s side. The third card is dealt implicitly.

How to count card points in Baccarat game Example #2


4 point and 5 point cards add up to 9  points. It is considered a good card and also a poker card.

This set of cards doesn’t look very high. But in fact, it is the point that is “pok” and will win immediately. unless the opponent has a total of 9.

As an example, it’s a simple, uncomplicated number. The same taste is equal to 9 points.

If other gambling games If the hand card was this point, no one would want it. But for Bacca it is the best card that everyone wants.

How to Count Card Points in Baccarat Game Example #3


Another card that has a total of 9 and Pok as well is a 0  card, and a 9 card has a 9 point card .

This set of cards is considered very good. No one wants to bet on the cards that get points like this.

King cards are worth 0 points, plus a 9-point card equals 9 points.

If the total point is 9 no matter which cards are added together. It is the highest-valued card and regardless of what the opposite side gets. At most, get the same 9 points and even if you don’t win, you will definitely get your bet back. This ensures that there is no way to lose with this winning combination.

How to Count Card Points in Baccarat Game Example #4

A King card with 0 points plus an H card with 1 point gives a total point equal to 1 point. If a third card is dealt equal to 9 points. The hand immediately becomes worth 0 points.

In this example, it can be seen that the first two cards have a total value of 1. Which according to the rules of the game. The third card must be dealt to the side holding this card. Assuming that the third card has a point value of 9. The total point value will be 0 (0 + 1 + 9 = 0).

If a player bets on the side that has total points like this There is a very high risk of losing.

Some online casinos will deal the third card as shown. It called turning which doesn’t have any special meaning just to indicate that the facing card. It is the third card that is dealt only. In which there are also some casinos that do this as well.

It can be seen that the points given. In the example are only part of the card points dealt in all baccarat games. Just remember that no matter. The total card points will not exceed 9 points card 10 points and Jack Mam King. It will be equal to 0 points and H card equals 1 point. The other cards have points equal to the number on the card itself.