Unbelievable! Forgotten Leicester player transformed into a goalkeeper

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This event left Fox fans in awe as well when a forgotten Leicester City player turned into a goalkeeper during last night’s Championship game.

    Leicester City midfielder Hamza Choudhury took over as goalkeeper late in Watford’s Championshipdefeat to Huddersfield on Friday night. With Choudhury on loan with the Horned Hornets until the end of the season and has played regularly for the UFABET team this season. But he had to go to the post late in the game. After goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann was sent off in the 97th minute for two yellow cards within 60 seconds.

Unbelievable! Forgotten Leicester player transformed into a goalkeeper

         The result in this game ended with a narrow 2-3 defeat for the home side of Watford, with goals from Yaser Aspriya (32nd minute). Britt Assombalonga ( 90+2) Huddersfield scored goals from Jack Rudoni (44th minute), Matty Pearson (55th minute) and Kian Harratt (8th minute). 82) With Bachmann red carded in the 97th minute. With no substitute goalkeeper on the bench, Choudhury was called by manager Chris Wilder to stand between the posts.

         This event made the Leicester City supporters who had watched the game. Came out to talk about this event loudly The opinions of Siamese fox followers are like “That’s Danny Ward’s successor for next season” , “He’s probably our best goalkeeper”, “Isn’t he better than Danny Ward??” 

  While many Watford fans were unhappy with the defeat and Bachmann’s actions. But there are not many that see the funny side, whether it is  “Dan Bachmann dropkick on the opposing players. This is probably the most entertaining thing I’ve seen from Watford this season.” , “Absolute humiliation. Disgraceful behavior. Should be banned for 5 matches”, “It’s a real joke from the goalkeeper.”

         As for the Leicester team itself. It has recently parted ways with coach Brendan Rodgers after leading the team without a win for 8 games in a row in all competitions. Recently, Karang defeated Aston Villa 1-2 and tonight. They will open the King Power Stadium to receive the visit of Bournemouth who need three points to escaped death as well In which this game still uses an assistant coach to control the team to interrupt the army first