Van Basten advises Kokku to stay at Feyenoord

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Former AC Milan striker Marco van Basten has urged Orkun Kokcu to stay at Feyenoord. Despite Arsenal’s interest in Orc. Kun Kokku joins the ยูฟ่าเบท team.

It seems that the Netherlands Eredivisie battle will become a good market for the English Premier League battle. Because many teams have drawn players from the Netherlands Eredivisie battle a lot. It seems that each player People will be able to perform satisfactorily. Orkun Kokcu is one of the players who have been linked with transfers. All the time with excellent on-field performances with Feyenoord plus Orkun Kokku is only 21 years old.

It is Arsenal want Orkun Kokku to join the team very much. They are ready to make an offer to Feyenoord to consider immediately. But at this time there is no answer from Feyenoord. Whether he wants to let Orkun Kokku leave the team or not. Feyenoord is not under much pressure with Orkun Kokcu’s contract until 2025 and Marco van Baste. He advised Orkun Kokcu not to move to Arsenal in order to gain experience and the opportunity to play with Feyenoord first.

Orkun Kokcu should stay with Feyenoord for another year to gain experience because he is only 21 at the moment and a move to Arsenal is no guarantee that he will. Arkun Kokku will successfully step up to be the main character, and Orkun Kokku having to sit on the bench may affect Orkun Kokku’s development. But Feyenoord gave Orkun Kokcu the opportunity to continue playing, so there is no need for Orkun Kokcu to move the team at this time.