Warnock: Rodgers is better suited for Man United than Pochettino

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Neil Warnock former team manager Middlesbrough has revealed. Mauricio Pochettino is not a good fit to manage at Manchester United. Brendan Rodgers is the right man for Manchester United.

Mauricio Pochettino has been linked with Manchester United every season. Since he was unemployed at Tottenham for a while before moving to Paris Saint-Germain. Manchester United are interested in Mauricio Pochettino. They are ready to be brought in as a new manager immediately in UFABET. Although Ralf Rangnick has already been appointed as the new manager. It is a pull to resolve the time when there is no new manager only.

With Ralph Rangnick taking on the role of Manchester United’s adviser after the 2021/22 season. The position of Manchester United manager is immediately vacant. Mauricio Pochettino is vacant. There is been raised as the number one favorite to take over as Manchester United‘s manager. Although he is still in charge of Paris Saint-Germain. But Neil Warnock does not agree. Manchester United will bringing Mauricio Pochettino. Because Brendan Rodgers is a lot better suited.

Coming in charge of Manchester United is a huge undertaking and if I were Mauricio Pochettino. I would probably choose not to move to Manchester United. Which is the right person for Manchester United. It is out of Brendan Rodgers as he is having a difficult time with Leicester City. So it may be time for Brendan Rodgers to look for a new challenge. Manchester United is a very good choice for Brendan Rodgers.