4 symptoms of a bump on your sister Important things that women should pay attention

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Most women know that. Symptoms of a bump that appears on the intimate area or on the sissy area It is a symptom that always occurs among women. Many people may not know that the bumps that occur. What disease is being indicated? Today we will invite everyone to understand about the bumps that appear on the younger sister’s area or in the hidden areas. Let’s look at what symptoms each type of bump is signaling.

4 symptoms of a bump on your sister Important things that women should pay attention to

1. White or light yellow sebaceous glands

For white or light yellow sebaceous glands. Which we also call Fordyce spots, are bumps that can be found as single bumps or multiple bumps. No pain, no danger, ingrown hairs along with sebaceous glands. Not a sexually transmitted disease But there is only slight pain and redness. The treatment method is to use a hot compress. It will help reduce symptoms in the beginning. And most importantly, you should avoid squeezing because it may cause inflammation. Or use an anti-inflammatory ointment such as a cream. Hydrocortisone It helps too.

2. Clear blisters or red bumps

Bumps that look like clear fluid or red bumps. Which chemicals cause irritation and clear blisters or red bumps. Including wearing sanitary pads for a long time Contributes to dampness. Which is also the cause of the rash. For treatment methods In the case that it is not much Should be treated by cleaning the hidden area. As well as consult a pharmacist to buy medicine to treat yourself at home. Including having to change sanitary pads every 3-4 hours.

3. The bumps are a red rash.

As for the bumps, which are red rashes that occur in the hidden area or on the younger sister. It’s a blister caused by a fungus. Which is a fungus that comes from mold. If this type of bump appears and looks like a red bump. has a head resembling a pimple. For the method of treatment. And don’t let the hidden area be damp.

4. The bump has a wound and has pus.

If there are blisters, wounds, pus, and other symptoms Up in the hidden area. That may be the first symptom of a sexually transmitted disease such as chancroid, herpes, https://ufabet999.com or syphilis. The nature of the bump and symptoms of the disease will be different, such as the bump becoming large and becoming a pus-filled wound. There is a burning sensation. or have a fever at the same time The method of treatment is You should consult a doctor. To receive an accurate diagnosis and receive treatment that best suits the symptoms of the disease.

Ladies, don’t forget to notice any abnormalities. That happens at hidden areas as well. If there is a blister on the younger sister’s area. It is recommended to observe the symptoms of the bump carefully. So that it can be treated as accurately as possible